Upscale Transport can transport your car from any dealer to your door. We are also an eBay premier carrier and the exclusive transport partner for Swap-A-Lease and Auto Trader Classics.

We schedule the pick-up

Arranging the transportation is the biggest obstacle in taking possession of a car that you just Leased on Swap A Lease or purchased anywhere else online. The numerous phone calls to deal with the seller's conditions take time and money. Avoid that with one call to Upscale Transport. We schedule the pick-up and the delivery of your car.

Skip that airplane ticket

Airplane fares are expensive if purchased last minute. Save the money for the flight if you planned to pick-up your car yourself. We can load anywhere in the United States and deliver to a convenient place at a price you'll love.

Save your money

You were smart buying that vehicle online, so much cheaper than what it was at home. Now save as much as you can from that amount. Get the car shipped with Upscale Transport and save time, effort and unnecessary cost.

Ready to ship your vehicle?