Shipping Process

The actual process of transporting vehicles is quite simple, but for whatever reason you are using an auto shipping service to transport your vehicle, you will undoubtedly want to know more about how vehicle transportation actually works. the shipping process begins with making your reservation with a one of Upscales transport coordinators.

  Make your reservation:

We will need general information on the vehicle (manufacturer, model, etc.), the origin location, the destination, and also the individual(s) who will be there to account for the vehicle. More importantly, the specific dates you want to reserve and a payment method to make the deposit.

  Get the vehicle ready for transport:

You will need to clean out the automobile on the inside and wash the outside so the inspection reports are easier to conduct. Next, remove all personal belongings except those approved beforehand to be secured and stowed away in the trunk. Retract the antenna, or preferably, remove it if possible. Remove any GPS/navigation systems and satellite radios equipped onto the vehicle. Disable any alarm systems, and remove luggage racks if applicable to your vehicle. Make sure the auto only has between 1/8 and 1/4 tank of fuel. Always ask the specific auto carrier if there are any other requirements you need to follow to have your car ready for delivery.

  Have someone meet our carrier at the origin to pick up the vehicle:

This person will need to be designated beforehand with the company if you are personally not available. This designated person will be there to assist the driver with the pickup, and sign off on any required paperwork.

You will also need to provide a set of keys to the driver to ensure they are able to load and unload the vehicle. These are necessary to operate the vehicle while it is not being transported and are required by all transport companies. The keys will be returned to you when the car reaches its destination and will only be used to load and unload the vehicle from the trailer.

  Have someone meet our carrier at the destination location to be there when the vehicle arrives to personally inspect it and sign off on its safe delivery:

As with the person who is there for vehicle pickup, this person will assist the driver with the delivery of the vehicle and to ensure it is delivered in the same condition it was left in, and to sign off on paperwork to show the job is complete. If payment is due, this person will also provide the necessary funds at this point.

Now that you know the steps in the process of transporting vehicles, you will know exactly what to expect. Knowing what you will encounter will help you be completely aware of what is going on while your car is being moved, wherever it needs to go

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