Honest Answers to your Car Moving Questions

Why Use UPSCALE… why not a direct carrier?

» Options

There are thousands of carriers out there and they are constantly circling the Nation. It is our full time job to know who is who, who goes where, who does it well and who has the best rates!

 » Price

Because we fill up Carriers’ trucks faster than they can alone, we get preferential rates and save you money!

» Time

Sometimes Carriers overbook, break down or run into other unforeseen delays… when you book with UPSCALE, you won’t get stuck, as in the event of a problem with one Carrier, we can reach out to another.

» Customer Service

Many Carriers are solely focused on filling up their trucks and getting on the road and do not have the time or resources to focus on your total experience; by using UPSCALE you get the best of both worlds!

Can I ship personal items in my vehicle?

The Department of Transportation does not allow auto transport carriers to transport personal items in a vehicle. Upscale Auto Transport is not licensed to transport personal items, nor are the carriers who will be transporting your vehicle.  Your carrier can be ticketed and/or fined if they are cited for transporting personal items in vehicles loaded on their trucks.  However, most carriers will allow a small amount of personal items to be in the vehicle somewhere around 100lbs.

So, the answer to the question is:  It depends.

Upscale Auto Transport does not recommend that customers ship personal items in their vehicles.

What is the payment process like?

We will require a deposit per vehicle, depending on the variables of your particular route. The remaining balance is paid upon delivery of the vehicle at the destination but can also be re-arranged to be paid upon pick up . Payment can be made to the transporter via cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Is the quote for “Door to Door” transport?

Yes, our quote is for door to door service, which means that the carrier will get as close to your final location as physically possible. Most cities have restrictions for commercial trucks which bar the carrier from entering certain residential areas. Also if the street is too narrow or if there are any objects which prevent the transporter from entering into your area, delivery will then be arranged to a safer and more suitable location, such as a nearby shopping center.

 Expedited order? How does that work?

Upscale Auto Transport will arrange pick-up of the vehicle within 24-48 hours, subject to an additional rush processing fee. We always recommend that you list your vehicle as far in advance as time allows, in order to provide us with ample time to set up the best possible available route for your vehicle. The more time allotted, the higher the likelihood that we can arrange for a pick-up on your requested date. The minimum amount of time we ask for is 2-3 days for ANY route, this time frame is industry standard, however we do offer the Expedited option as previously described above.

Is my vehicle insured during shipment?

Yes, your vehicle is insured from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered. The Carrier is required to carry insurance and his insurance covers the vehicle while it is in his possession.

Do I have to be present when my vehicle is picked up or delivered?

Either you, or a designated person, do have to be present upon pick up and delivery of your vehicle to sign a “Bill of Lading (BOL)”, which is an inspection that the driver performs with you to review if there is any damage on the car before loading it on the truck, the same is done upon delivery.

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